Quality Improvement Training

Norhals Group, LLC has the skills and business experience to educate your staff. We can customize our courses and schedules to meet the needs of your business. An effective training program should include components that incorporate the operations of your business and your resources. A good staff training program has structure and should be specific to your organization. It should continue throughout the life of the organization and include initial training for new staff, staff development, and professional development. It should provide the employee with the opportunity to gain new knowledge/skills, or to move to the next level of expertise.


What is a training program?

A good training program is just that -- an actual program, which looks at training as not just a one-time event. What makes a training program different from an orientation program is that it covers a much broader area. Training is directly related to the skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary to do a particular job. It can include teaching staff members new skills, exposing them to unfamiliar ideas, giving them the chance to practice and get feedback on particular techniques or styles of working with people, or simply encouraging them to discuss their work with one another.


Once you have an established training program, you will want to ensure that the training schedule is optimized. There are strategies that can be used to schedule training so that the workplace trainer’s time and the employee’s time is used effectively. An effective training schedule maximizes training time.


Do you want -- or do you have -- to hold training or staff development sessions at your workplace, or would it be better to go elsewhere? Other possibilities include institutional space (a library or college, for instance); rented space; space loaned by another organization; outdoors; or rented conference space, which may be far from the company and very different from the normal work environment.


Feedback from individual sessions and on the training program as a whole is important. The important questions are whether staff members feel that the training program, in general, was useful, and how it can be improved. Can they point to specific training that has had a practical effect? Do they use any of the ideas or techniques they learned or were exposed to?



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